NONVAR15 Various - Bob Magazine

7 NONVAR15 (1989) (excerpt): Pixies: Gouge Away [L CAD905]

Recorded live at Cabaret Metro (Chicago), August 10 1989.

0010 Pixies - Bossanova

lp cas cd lp CAD0010, CADC0010, CAD0010CD, CADD0010 (1990): Cecilia Ann, Rock Music, Velouria, Allison, Is She Weird, Ana, All Over The World, Dig For Fire, Down To The Well, The Happening, Blown Away, Hang Wire, Stormy Weather, Havalina

Featuring Robert F. Brunner. Produced by Gil Norton. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Simon Larbalestier, Kevin Westenberg, Christopher Bigg, Pirate Design and Anne Garrigues. Engineered by Alistair Clay and Steve Haigler. CAD D 0010 included a booklet. Released in the US by Elektra (9 60963).

NONVAR6 Various - Bouqet of Dreams Vol. 2

cd NONVAR6 (1994) (excerpt): The Glee Club: Icy Blue [45496 (lp)]

Released by Dark Star in Germany.

NONCOL6 Colourbox - Boxed Double-Cassette

cas NONCOL6 (1985): Sleepwalker [CAD508], Just Give 'em Whiskey [GAD2107CD], Say You [AD403], The Moon Is Blue [CAD508], Inside Informer [CAD508], Punch [CAD508], Suspicion [CAD508], Manic [CAD508], You Keep Me Hanging On [CAD508], Arena [CAD508], Edit the Dragon [CAD508CD], Hipnition [CAD508CD], We Walk Around the Streets [CAD508CD], Arena II [R CAD508CD], An Interview With Colourbox

Box of two tapes. Four photos were also included. Probably a promo release.

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