4007 Frank Black - Headache

7 AD4007 (1994): Headache [DAD4009], Headache (n.y.c. version) [R DAD4009]

12ep 10 cd5 BAD4007, BADD4007, BAD4007CD (1994): Headache [DAD4009], Men in Black, At the End of the World, Oddball

cd5 BADD4007CD (1994): Headache [DAD4009], Hate Me, This is Where I Belong, Amnesia

Produced by John Tiven. Engineered by Jimmy Douglass and Joe Johnson. Recorded at Studio 900, New York City. Featuring Eric Drew Feldman (Pere Ubu), Nick Vincent, Lyle Workman, John Tiven and Sally Tiven. Sleeve by v23 and Michael Halsband. «Headache» coproduced by Eric Drew Feldman (Pere Ubu). «Headache» engineered by Efren Herrera, Bill Cooper, David Bianco, Frank Gryner, Matt Westfield and John Jackson. «Headache» recorded at The Clubhouse, Burbank, California, American, Calabasas, California and Can-Am, Los Angeles, California. «Headache» mixed by David Bianco. «This is Where I Belong» written by Ray Davies.

NONFB10 Frank Black - Headache

cd5 NONFB10 (1994)

Two track release by Virgin in France (92473 2). Also one track promo released by Elektra in the US (PRCD 8962-2).

NONPIX3 Pixies - Head On

cd5 NONPIX3 (1991): Head On [CAD1014], U-Mass [CAD1014], Planet of Sound [L CAD1014], Tame [L CAD905], Debaser [L CAD905]

Released in Canada. The first two live songs are the same as those on the European «Alec Eiffel» single.

313 Cocteau Twins - Head over Heels

lp CAD313 (1983): When Mama Was Moth, Five Ten Fiftyfold, Sugar Hiccup, In Our Angelhood, Glass Candle Grenades, In The Gold Dust Rush, The Tinderbox (Of A Heart), Multifoiled, My Love Parmour, Musette And Drums

cas cd CADC313, CAD313CD (1983): CAD313, BAD314CD

Exit Will Heggie. Will Heggie later appeared in Lowlife on Nightshift Records. Featuring Ally. Coproduced by John Fryer. Sleeve by 23 Envelope. The sleeves of CAD313 and CAD313CD are quite different.

4012 The Breeders - Head to Toe

10 BADD4012 (Jul 11 1994): Head to Toe, Shocker in Gloomtown, Freed Pig, Saints [45789 (cd)]

Limited 10" single. «Saints» is not listed on the sleeve. All tracks recorded March 4 '94 at Dreamland, Kingston with J. Mascis except «Head to Toe», recorded March 21 '94 at Cro Magnon, Dayton. Engineered by John Agneus and John Shough. Write to Breeders Digest, P. O. Box 5090, Hoboken NJ 07030. Sleeve by Josephine Wiggs (The Perfect Disaster) and Maria Piñeres. Also released by Elektra in the US on 7"/10" opaque mint green vinyl and clear dark green vinyl (64533-7). «Head to Toe» written by Josephine Wiggs (The Perfect Disaster) and D. Senechal. «Head to Toe» arranged by K. Schenerbach. «Shocker in Gloomtown» written by R. Pollard (Guided by Voices). «Freed Pig» written by Lou Barlow (Sebadoh). «Freed Pig» originally appeared on «Sebadoh III»

0012 Cocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las Vegas

lp cas cd CAD0012, CADC0012, CAD0012CD (1990): Cherry-Coloured Funk, Pitch The Baby, Iceblink Luck, Fifty-Fifty Clown, Heaven Or Las Vegas, I Wear Your Ring, Fotzepolitic, Wolf In The Breast, Road River And Rail, Frou-Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires

Sleeve by Paul West and Andy Rumball. Released in the US on LP (c1-93669), CD (c2-93669), advance cassette and cassette (c4-93669). This is the last release from Cocteau Twins on 4AD. They have now signed to Polygram Records outside America, and to Capitol in the US.

NONCT2 Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas

cd5 NONCT2 (1990): Heaven or Las Vegas [CAD0012]

Promo released in Canada by Vertigo (CDP 432).

NONCT11 Cocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las Vegas

12ep cd5 NONCT11 (12"), NONCT11 (cdsingle) (1990): Heaven Or Las Vegas (edit) [R CAD0012], Dials [CT1CD], Heaven Or Las Vegas [CAD0012]

Promotional CD single. Released in the US by Capitol on 12" with plain white sleeve with blue sticker (SPRO-7941/79427), cd with no insert and red sticker (DPRO-79291), cd with insert and green cd (DPRO-79291A) and 12" with picture sleeve. Sleeve by Paul West and Andy Rumball.

NONBP2 The Birthday Party - Hee Haw

12ep NONBP2 (1980): A Catholic Skin, The Red Clock, Faint Heart, Death By Drowning, The Hair Shirt

This EP was released by Missing Link. It was originally called «The Boys Next Door».

307 The Birthday Party - Hee Haw

cd CAD307CD (1989): AD12, AD114, NONBP2 (ep), Hats On Wrong, Guilt Parade, Riddle House

This is the last Birtday Party release on 4AD. They left to sign to Mute Records and released «Mutiny» before breaking up. Most, if not all of them, stayed on at Mute in various permutations as Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, These Immortal Souls and Crime And The City Solution.

PIXTWO Pixies - Here Comes Your Man

12 PIXTWO (1989): Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) [GAD2103CD], Into The White [DADD7011CD]

This is a 12", one-sided promotional single. 800 copies were released.

909 Pixies - Here Comes Your Man

7 AD909 (1989): Here Comes Your Man [CAD905], Into The White [DADD7011CD]

12ep cd5 BAD909, BAD909CD (1989): AD909, Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf) [GAD2103CD], Bailey's Walk [GAD2103CD]

Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Simon Larbalestier. «Into The White» engineered by Paul Kolderie. «Into The White» recorded at Fort Apache, Cambridge, MA. «Wave Of Mutilation» engineered by Jon Turner. «Wave Of Mutilation» recorded at Palladium Studios, Edinburgh. «Bailey's Walk» engineered by Claude Fixler. «Bailey's Walk» recorded at Eden Studios.

NONLTM1 Various - Heures Sans Soleil

lp NONLTM1 (1985) (excerpt): The Happy Family: March in Turin (demo) [NONTHF1]

Released by Les Temps Modernes (LTM V:XI).

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