NONUVS1 Various - Guitarrorists

cd NONUVS1 (1991) (excerpt): Kurt Ralske: Tar, Iodine, Blood and Lust

Produced by Terry Tolkin. Released by No. 6 Records.

2619 Beirut - Gulag Orkestar

cd CADD2619CD (2006): The Gulag Orkestar (04:40), Prenzlauerberg (03:47), Brandenburg (03:39), Postcards From Italy (04:17), Mount Wrochlai (Idle Days) (03:16), Rhineland (Heartland) (03:59), Scenic World (02:08), Bratislava (03:17), The Bunker (03:13), The Canals of Our City (02:21), After the Curtain (02:56)

Beirut are Zack Condon. Featuring Jeremy Barnes, Heather Trost, Perrin Cloutier and Hari Ziznewski. Engineered by Josh Clark. Sleeve by Rob Carmichael.


cd NONGUS1 (1996): Gun [DAD7005CD], Barry (White Pride) [unknown], Polyester Day [DAD7005CD], Chocolate [GUS1], Oh [CAD0006], Why? [DAD7005CD], Believe [DAD7005CD], Cold Breath '79 [DAD7005CD], Rememberance, Is Jesus Your Pal? [DAD7005CD], Message From Disney, Purple [DAD7005CD]

Released by Kjol and Andersson on Iceland. Came in a velour wrap. The wrap came in three colours -- peachy-pink, green and white.

2K02 Gus Gus - Gus Gus vs. T-World

lp cd CAD2K02, CAD2K02CD (2000): Anthem, Northern Lights, Earl Grey, Purple [DAD7005CD], Rosenberg, Sleepytime, Esja

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