So Happy

12 TAD9009 (1999): So Happy [GAD9010CD], So Happy (Thunderball Mix) [R GAD9010CD]

Limited edition 12".

Cover scan:

Castle of Crime

cd GAD9010CD (1999): Lemongrass, Vega, The Veil, On The Floor, St. Paul's Piano, So Happy, Planet No. 3, The Very Next Day


12ep TAD9018 (1999): Lemongrass [GAD9010CD], Lemongrass (Schizoid Man remix) [R GAD9010CD], The Very Next Day [GAD9010CD], The Very Next Day (Grantby remix) [R GAD9010CD]

Limited edition 12" single.

Various - Breakdown

cd CAN001CD (1999) (excerpt): Lakuna: Vega [GAD9010CD]

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