6015 The Paladins - Million Mile Club

lp cd CAD6015, CAD6015CD (Oct 7 1996)

45496 The Glee Club - Mine

lp cd 45496 (lp), 45496 (cd) (March 1994): Need, The Blame, No Reason, Bad Child's Dolly, Already There, Free to Believe, Drives You Away, Remember the Years, All The Promises, Take you There, Icy Blue

Licenced by 4AD US from the English label Setanta (45496-2).

6011 Heidi Berry - Miracle

lp cas cd CAD6011, CADC6011, CAD6011CD (July 29 1996): The Mountain, Time, Holy Grail, Darkness Darkness, Miracle, The Californian, Queen, Only Human, Northern Country

Produced by Hugh Grant. Engineered by Helen Woodward. Featuring Christopher Berry, Jon Brookes, Laurence O'Keefe (Levitation), Anne Wood, Jay Posner, Rocky Holman, Hugh Jones, Michelle Douglass and Janet Ramus. Recorded at Rockfield, Orinoco and Blackwing. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Kevin Westenberg and Dominic Davies. This is the last release by Heidi Berry on 4AD. She has since surfaced as a member of the group «Lost Girls» (with Patrick Fitzgerald (ex-singer of the wonderful Kitchens of Distinction and Fruit) as the other of the two girls). Bad Parents Records released at least one single from them in 1999. «Darkness Darkness» written by Jesse Colin Young.

NONHB5 Heidi Berry - Miracle

cd5 NONHB5 (1996): Miracle [CAD6011], Holy Grail [CAD6011], Queen [CAD6011]

Promo CD released in the US (PRO-CD-8501) in a cardboard sleeve.

7004 Tarnation - Mirador

lp cd DAD7004, CAD7004CD (1997): An Awful Shade of Blue, Wait, A Place Where I Know, Is She Lonesome Now, Your Thoughts And Mine, Christine, Destiny, There's Someone, Like a Ghost, Idly, Little Black Egg, You'll Understand

Coproduced by David Katznelson. Featuring Yuma Joe Byrnes, Jamie Meagan, Alex Orapeza, Jim Passarell, Shaila Schat and Arch Stanton. Recorded at Prarie Sun, Cotati, CA. Sleeve by Patrick Roques, Christine Shield, Lyn Gaza and Paula Frazer. «Little Black Egg» cowritten by Michael Stone.

2K06 Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy

lp cd CAD2K06, CAD2K06CD (2000): Treasures (02:25), Le Monde (03:11), Indra (05:23), Lebanese Blonde (04:49), Focus on Sight (03:47), Air Batacuda (04:46), So Com Voce (02:47), Samba Tranquille (03:06), Shadows of Ourselves (03:38), The Hong Kong Triad (03:02), Illumination (04:38), The Mirror Conspiracy (03:45), Tomorrow (03:43)

5009 Lisa Gerrard - The Mirror Pool

cas cd CADC5009, CAD5009CD (Aug 22 1995): Violina (The Last Embrace, La Bas (Song of the Damned), Persian Love Song (The Silver Gun) [R DAD4015], Sanvean (I am your Shadow) [Re DAD4015], The Rite, Ajhon, Glorafin, Majhnavea's Music Box, Largo, Werd, Laurelei, Celon, Venteles, Swans, Nilleshna, Gloradin

blank 5009 (flyer) (1995)

Produced by Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance). Arranged by John Bonnar. Conducted by John Bonnar. Mixed by Guy Charbonneau and Charlie Bouis. Featuring Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra, Dimitry Kyryakou, Pieter Bourke, John Bonnar and Jacek Tuschewski. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, Jacek Tuschewski and Dennis Keeley. «Persian Love Song (The Silver Gun)» written by unknown; from Shiraz, southern Iran. «Sanvean» cowritten by Andrew Claxton. «Largo» written by Händel.

NONRHP1 Red House Painters - Mistress

cd5 NONRHP1 (1993): Mistress (4:03) [(shuffle) (cd)], Grace Cathedral Park (3:51) [DAD3008], Strawberry Hill (6:44) [DAD3008], Mistress (piano version) (4:31) [DAD3008]

Promo release from the US (4AD PRO-CD-6108).

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