PUP 1 Various - Kiddy's Got Four Fingers

cd PUP1 (1998): This Mortal Coil: You And Your Sister [DAD1005], His Name Is Alive: Universal Frequencies [CAD6010], His Name Is Alive: Country Girl, Lisa Germano: Reptile [CAD8013], Dead Can Dance: The Host Of Seraphim [CAD808], This Mortal Coil: I Come And Stand At Every Door [DAD1005], Starry Smooth Hound: Dreamt U In A Dream, The Birthday Party: Nick The Stripper [CAD104], Throwing Muses: Fish [CAD703], Cocteau Twins: Crushed [CT1CD], This Mortal Coil: Song To The Siren [CAD411], The Hope Blister: Dagger [TAD8001CD], This Mortal Coil: Late Night [DAD1005], M/A/R/R/S: Anitina [AD707], Bauhaus: Terror Couple Kill Colonel [CAD13CD], M/A/R/R/S: Pump Up The Volume [AD707], Bauhaus: Telegram Sam [AD17]

Promo release limited to 2500 copies.

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