NONVAR25 Various - Uncut CD

cd NONVAR25 (Nov 1998): Pixies: Debaser [CAD905], Lush: Hypocrite [CAD4011], Mojave 3: Go Lady Go [NONMJ2], Tanya Donelly: Lantern [CAD7008], His Name Is Alive: Wishing Ring [R BAD8015CD], Throwing Muses: Mania [CAD901], This Mortal Coil: You & Your Sister [DAD1005], Thievery Corporation: Shaolin Satellite [CAD8006], Gus Gus: Barry (Gi Gi Galaxy Remix) [R DAD7005CD], Cuba: Urban Light [CAD9014], Colourbox: Unofficial World Cup Theme, The Breeders: Saints [CAD3014], The Birthday Party: Big Jesus Trash Can [CAD207], Lisa Germano: Tomorrowing [CAD8013], Red House Painters: New Jersey [DAD3008], Kristin Hersh: Your Ghost [CAD4002], Dead Can Dance: American Dreaming [NONDCD6], The Hope Blister: Sweet Unknown [CAD8008], Cocteau Twins: Pearly Dewdrops Drop (7" Version)

Included with the November 1998 issue of Uncut magazine, who did a huge spread on the cds these tracks came from (UNCUT 4AD 6).

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