Cover scan: GusGus.Polydistortion.DADD7005CD.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polyesterday-us-promo.postcard___.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polyesterday-us-promo.postcard__.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polyesterday-us-promo.postcard_.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polyesterday-us-promo.postcard.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polyesterday-orange.sticker.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polyesterday-maroon.sticker.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polyesterday-circle.sticker.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polydistortion.sticker2.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polydistortion.sticker.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polydistortion.postcard.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polydistortion.laminate.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polydistortion.german_flyer.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polydistortion.DAD7005CD.jpg

7005 Gus Gus - Polydistortion

cd lp cd blank DAD7005CD, DAD7005, DADD7005CD, DADD7005 (1997): Oh (edit) [R CAD0006], Gun, Believe, Polyesterday, Barry, Cold Breath '79, Why?, Remembrance, Is Jesus Your Pal?, Purple

cd CAD7005CD (1997): DADD7005, GUS 6 (cdsingle)

DAD 7005 CD is a double cd. Coproduced by Palli Borg. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Paul Bliss, Eva Mueller, Steph and P. J. Allan. DAD D 7005 is a limited edition LP.

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