Cover scan:

901 Throwing Muses - Hunkpapa

lp cas CAD901, CADC901 (1989): Devil's Roof, Bea, Dizzy, No Parachutes, Dragonhead, Say Goodbye, Fall Down, I'm Alive, Angel, Mania, The Burrow, Take

cd CAD901CD (1989): CADC901, Santa Claus

Two versions of the lp was released: One in brown and one in gray. Featuring Bernie Warrell, Russ Gershon, Tom Halter, Russell Jewell and Guy Yarden. Produced by Gary Smith. Engineered by Steve Haigler. Sleeve by v23, Richard Donelly and Obigail Simon. Write to Michell Alorim, P.O. Box 1909, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 02238, USA.

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