4AD MC1 Various - Clustered and Clipped

cas 4ADMC1 (1998): Thievery Corporation: .38.45, Cuba: Urban Light [R CAD9014], The Hope Blister: Sweet Unknown [CAD8008], Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke: The Human Game [CAD8004], Gus Gus: Purple (Sasha V The Light Edit) [R DAD7005CD], Mojave 3: Who Do You Love [CAD8018], Lisa Germano: Reptile [CAD8013], Pixies: Wave Of Mutilation (BBC Version) [R CAD905], His Name Is Alive: Wish I Had A Wishing Ring [CAD8009], Bauhaus: Terror Couple Kill Colonel [CAD13CD]

Sampler released in Canada by Polygram.

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