Cover scan: Cover scan: LisaGerrardAndPieterBourke.TheHumanGame.cas.jpg

8004 Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke - Duality

lp cas cd CAD8004, CADC8004, CAD8004CD (Apr 13 1998): Shadow Magnet, Tempest, Forest Vale, The Comforter, Unfolding, Pilgrimage Of Children, Human Game, Circulation Of Shadows, Sacrifice, Nadir (Syncronicity)

Initial quantities of CAD 8004 CD also include LG 001 CD. Engineered by Pieter Bourke. Recorded at At home in Gippsland, Australia. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and Jacek Tuschewski. «Tempest» cowritten by Madjid Khaladj.

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