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8009 His Name Is Alive - Fort Lake

lp cd CAD8009, CAD8009CD (Jun 29 1998): Don't Glue The World, Everything Takes Forever, The Waitress, No Hiding Place Down Her, Can't Always Be Loved, Wish I Had A Wishing Ring, Red Haired Girl, Spirit Needs A Spirit Tool, Up Your Legs Forever, How It's Gotta Be, Always Turn Me On, Rock `n' Roll Girl From Rock `n' Roll City, Last American Blues

Coproduced by Steve King. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Timothy O'Donnell and Dominic Davies. Featuring Karin Oliver, Lovetta Pippen, Warn Defever, Chad Gilchrist, Trey Many, Scott Goldstein, Dara, Jake, Zach, Andy, Krieger and Erika Hoffmann.

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