NONUNR1 Unrest - Isabel Bishop

cd5 NONUNR1 (1993): BAD3007CD, Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl [GU1CD], Wednesday and Proud [GU1CD]

Released by Teen Beat in the US.

3007 Unrest - Isabel Bishop e.p.

12ep cd5 BAD3007, BAD3007CD (May 4 1993): Isabel (3:10) [R GU1LP], Teenage Suicide (3:11), Love To Know (2:49), Nation Writer (6:02), Wharton Hockey Club

The last track is not listed on the sleeve but tacked on to the end of «Nation Writer». The cd single is a rough cardboard digipak. The cd itself is very similar to the 4AD labels from 1980. Produced by Wharton Tiers. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and the Estate of Isabel Bishop. Also released in a jewel case by 4AD USA (45271-2). «Love To Know» written by Tracy Thorn (Everything but the Girl). «Love To Know» originally performed by The Marine Girls.

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