2304 Lisa Gerrard - Whalerider

cd CAD2304CD (2003): Paikea Legend (03:30), Journey Away (03:34), Rejection (01:44), Biking Home (03:26), Ancestors (01:43), Suitcase (01:04), Pai Calls the Whales (01:32), Reiputa (02:15), Disappointed (02:56), They Came to Die (02:20), Pai Theme (03:49), Paikea's Whale (04:01), Empty Water (01:40), Waka in the Sky (01:57), Go Forward (05:54)

Soundtrack album.

5 Rema-Rema - Wheel In The Roses

12ep cd5 BAD5, BAD5CD (1980): Feedback Song, Rema Rema, Instrumental [DAD9011CD], Fond Affections [R CAD411]

Rema-Rema are Mark Cox (The Wolfgang Press), Michael Allen (The Wolfgang Press), Gary Asquith (Renegade Soundwave), Marco (Adam and the Ants) and Max. Coproduced by Wally Brill. Recorded live june 79. The run-out grooves read «Send no flowers (*Picture of a small flower*)» «Huge dragonflies (*Picture of a fly*)». Was rereleased in 1984. The first version has the original blue 1980 4AD label. Max now teaches ballroom dancing and does occations drumming with various groups. She co-founded Dorothy with Alex Fergusson in 1976. BAD 5 CD was re-released in a limited edition in 2003.

NONPS3 Dance Chapter - When The Spirit Moves Them

cas NONPS3 (1985): Keep Your Distance, Emotional Flesh, Faces in Veils, Untitled, Nil Foundations Prophet, Watch This Face, Father These Bones, Marraige, Nil Foundations Prophet [NONPS3], Another Story, Carve An Arc, Pilgrims Plight, In Moderation

Released by Pleasantly Surprised as 010. Includes two cards; one postcard and another which reads: First Band - The Faction 9.78 - 3.79, Dance Chapter 5.79 - 1.82. Records - 7" Anonymity/New Dance, 12" EP Chapter II. Both released on 4AD.. Personel on all tracks - Cyrus Bruton - singing; Stuart Dunbar - bass; John Turner - drums; Steve Hadfield - guitar, with the exception of 9,10,11 & 12 which was Cyrus and Stuart. All the tracks were recorded in rehearsal between March 1981 and August 1981 with the exception of 9,10,11 & 12 which were recorded on 24th October 1982. Stuart is now at art college, Steve designs pubs, Cyrus is now an orange person (Sanyasin) known as Antar Tapesh, John is still involved in music.

NONHNIA16 His Name Is Alive - When The Stars Refuse To Shine

cd NONHNIA16 (2004): Fox Line (01:08), Theres Nothing (04:30), Why Is This Night Different Than All Others (02:33), Write My Name (04:27), Lotus Blossom 1 (01:40), Someday My Blues (05:28) [NONHNIA15], Pilgrims House (03:58), Moon Dance (04:21), Passover (03:25), Solitude (03:09) [CAD2101CD], He Stares At Me (01:12), I Can Charm Him (01:50), Why Is It So Cold (07:42), When Will The Winter End (09:34)

NONUN2 Various - Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys?

7 NONUN2 (1993) (excerpt): Unrest: Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys? [R (shuffle) (cd)]

Released by TeenBeat (TeenBeat 121). This single was only available on _The Unrest/Sterolab Tour_ Oct 13-Nov 22/1993. Limited to 2000. «Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys?» remixed by Mark Robinson (Unrest) and Robert Christiansen. «Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys?» produced by Brian Paulsen. «Where Are All Those Puerto Rican Boys?» featuring Butch Willis.

2418 Tanya Donelly - Whiskey Tango Ghosts

cd blank CAD2418CD, EADA2418 (2004): Divine Sweet Divide (03:25), Every Devil (03:07), Whiskey Tango (03:11), Just In Case You Quit Me (03:28), Butterfly Thing (03:21), My Life As A Ghost (03:42), The Center (03:27), Golden Mean (04:16), The Promise (03:05) [CAD7003], Story High (04:21), Fallout (03:29), (untitled) (00:37) [MAD2105CD]

8011 Mojave 3 - Who Do You Love?

12ep BAD8011 (Jun 29 1998): Who Do You Love? (3:30) [CAD8018], This Road I'm Travelling (5:33), Between Us (7:00), Who Do You Love? (demo) (3:43) [R CAD8018]

Sleeve by James Atom and Al Forrester. Featuring Mick Cooke and Roman Breslin. Recorded at Cava Studios, Glasgow and The Farm, Cornwall. Engineered by Tony Doogan, Dave Naughton and Dave Mercer. Coproduced by Mark van Hoen.

NONVAR10 Various - Whore

lp cd NONVAR10 (lp), NONVAR10 (cd) (1996) (excerpt): Lush: Mannequin

Wire tribute album. «Mannequin» written by Wire.

NONDJ2 Dif Juz - Who Says So?

lp NONDJ2 (1983): Roy's Tray, So Shy, Song With No Name, Tabla Piece, Swnn Part 2, Pass It On Charlie, Channel, The Dub Song

This album was released by Red Flame in 1983, RFM24.

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