212 Modern English - I Melt With You

7 AD212 (1982): I Melt With You [R CAD206], The Prize

Produced by Hugh Jones. Sleeve by 23 Envelope. Coengineered by John Madden.

NONME1 Modern English - I Melt With You

7 12ep NONME1 (7"), NONME1 (12") (1982): I Melt With You [CAD206], Someone's Calling [CAD206], Life in the Gladhouse [CAD206]

Released by Intercord in Germany (INT 125.124). The sleeve designs resembles the british «Someones's Calling». Also released on green vinyl.

NONME3 Modern English - I Melt With You

7 NONME3 (7") (1982): I Melt With You [CAD206], After the Snow [CAD206]

7 12ep NONME3 (7"), NONME3 (12") (1982): I Melt With You [CAD206], Life in the Gladhouse [CAD206], Someone's Calling [CAD206]

7 NONME3 (7") (1982): I Melt With You [CAD206], I Melt With You [CAD206]

7 NONME3 (7") (1982): I Melt With You [CAD206], Hands Across the Sea [CAD402]

Released by Vertigo in Canada (SOV 2325); Sire in the US (GSRE 0497 & 29836-0); promo by Sire in the US (7-29775); Sire Records (GSRE 0497).

2403 Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy - Immortal Memory

cd CAD2403CD (2004): The Song Of Amergin (05:28), Maranatha (Come Lord) (03:44) [TAD2311CD], Amergin's Invocation (06:19), Elegy (06:41), Sailing To Byzantium (05:04), Abwoon (Our Father) (04:12) [TAD2311CD], Immortal Memory (04:29), Paradise Lost (07:03), I Asked For Love (05:01), Psallit In Aure Dei (09:02)

GU1 Unrest - Imperial f. f. r. r.

lp cas GU1LP, GU1C (1992): Volume Reference Tone (0:11), Suki (3:22), Imperial (7:35), I Do Beleive You Are Blushing (4:49), Champion Nines (3:16), Sugarshack (3:31), Isabel (2:12), Cherry Cream On (3:50), Firecracker (3:02), June (3:52), Loyola (5:46)

cd GU1CD (1992): GU1C, Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl (4:23), Hydrofoil no. 1 (2:00), Full Frequency (13:45) [R (*Imperial*) GU1LP], Wednesday & Proud (4:24)

Unrest are Mark Robinson, Phil Krauth and Bridget Cross. Initial pressing of GU1LP included GU1S. Featuring A. J. Chearno. Coproduced by Wharton Tiers. Engineered by Wharton Tiers. Sleeve by Isabel Bishop. Write to TeenBeat, P.O. Box 50373, Washington, DC 20091, USA. Unrest has released several items in the US before this album.

NONLEO1 Various - I'm Your Fan

lp cas cd NONLEO1 (lp), NONLEO1 (cas), NONLEO1 (cd) (1991) (excerpt): Pixies: I Can't Forget

Leonard Cohen tribute album. «I Can't Forget» written by Leonard Cohen.

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