4009 Frank Black - Teenager of the Year

lp cas cd DAD4009, DADC4009, DAD4009CD (May 23 1994): Whatever Happened To Pong?, Thalassocracy, (I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain, Calistan, The Vanishing Spies, Speedy Marie, Headache, Sir Rockaby, Freedom Rock, Two Reelers, Fiddle Riddle, Ole Mulholland, Fazer Eyes, I Could Stay Here Forever, The Hostess With The Mostest, Superabound, Big Red, Space Is Gonna Do Me Good, White Noisemaker, Pure Denizen Of The Citizen's Band, Bad, Wicked World, Pie In The Sky

cd DADP40094009CD (1994)

blank 4009 (flyer) (1994)

Also released as a promo in the US by 4AD/Elektra (61618). DAD4009CD was also released in a plastic sleeve as a promo with different graphics on the disc. This is the last release by Frank Black on 4AD. He has left and signed to American Recordings.

NONFB5 Frank Black - Teenager of the Year

cd NONFB5 (1994): DAD4009CD, Headache (n.y.c. version) [AD4007], Hate Me [BADD4007CD], Amnesia [BADD4007CD]

Double CD released by Rough Trade in Germany (RTD 120.1900.2). Also released by Play It Again Sam in Belgium (170.4009.20).

NONFB6 Frank Black - Teenager of the Year

cd NONFB6 (1994)

Six track promo released by Virgin in France (SA 3402).

17 Bauhaus - Telegram Sam

7 AD17 (1980): Telegram Sam, Crowds

«Telegram Sam» written by Marc Bolan.

17T Bauhaus - Telegram Sam

7 AD17T (1980): AD17, Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores

NONHNIA15 His Name Is Alive - Ten Years Long Time

cd NONHNIA15 (2004): Rock An Rye (01:26), Not Getting Married (03:39), Your Cheatin Heart (04:21), Can't Hide (05:31), Fossil (05:28) [CAD0008], Last Affair Forever (04:16), Ring Finger (07:04), Last Blues (02:34), Someday My Blues (05:01), Home (04:17) [CAD105CD], I Can't Live At Home In This Fucked-Up World No More (01:51), Dove's Letter (06:57), The Whales (05:09)

7 Bauhaus - Terror Couple Kill Colonel

7 AD7 (1980): Terror Couple Kill Colonel [CAD13CD], Scopes [CAD13CD], Terror Couple Kill Colonel [R CAD13CD]

Recorded at Southern, Spaceward and Beck.

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