XAD23 v23 - 1991 poster pack

blank XAD23 (1991)

Package of 15 promo posters in A2 size. Has «Gigantic», «Here Comes Your Man», «Velouria», «Bossanova», «Dig For Fire» (from Pixes), «Ultra Vivid Scene», «Joy 1963-1990» (from UVS), «Aion» (Dead Can Dance), «Livonia» (His Name Is Alive), «House Tornado» (Throwing Muses), «Scar», «Mad Love», «Sweetness and Light» (Lush), «Comforts of Madness» (Pale Saints) and «Pod» (The Breeders). Most of the posters are similar to the releases listed, but «Livonia» is completely different.

205 In Camera - 13 (Lucky for Some)

cd CAD205CD (1992): AD8, BAD19, BAD205, Pins & Wax, On the Retina, Colour in the Home, Deflowered

The last four tracks were recorded in 1991, ten years after the group first disbanded. Recorded at Stone Room. Coproduced by Drostan Madden. Featuring Rew, Drostan Madden and Michael Allen (The Wolfgang Press). Sleeve by Pete Moore.

NONIN1 Various - 12 Inch

cd NONIN1 (1987): BADC701, BADC702, BAD704, BAD707, BAD708, AD708

Released in Japan by Jade Music Co., Ltd and Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. (CY-4415). Sleeve by 23 Envelope and Jim Friedman.

CT BOX 1 Cocteau Twins - 10 Disc CD Collection

blank CTBOX1 (1991): BAD303CD, BAD314CD, BAD501CD, AD501, BAD510CD, BAD511CD, BAD0011CD, ADC0011, CT1CD (cd), BAD213CD, BAD213, BAD405CD, BAD405, BAD610CD, BAD610, AD610

The «Iceblink Luck» cd is not a picture disc. The American box uses ordinary jewel cases, the English uses slimline jewel cases. The American version only has printing on the front of the inserts. Cloth-bound deep-red box. Also released in Japan by Columbia in a cardboard slipcase that included a booklet (COCY-5144/53).

2404 Vinny Miller - On The Block

cd blank CAD2404CD, EADA2404 (2004): The Yes-No Game (01:26), Breaking Out Of Your Arms (03:38), Roll Complete (03:32), Pigpen (04:05), Cromagno (00:36), Bagged And Tagged (04:59), Afternoon Nod (03:33), Bogeyeater (04:00), Millalude (00:41), Hogbreath Busts A Move (02:54), Alioth (05:33), On The Block (05:31)

NONLG2 Lisa Germano - On the way down from the moon palace

cd lp NONLG2 (cd), NONLG2 (lp) (1993): On The Way Down From The Moon Palace, Guessing Game (or The Music Business), Blue Monday, calling..., Hangin' With A Deadman, screaming angels dancing in your garden, Riding My Bike, simply tony, Dig My Own Grave, Cry Baby, bye bye little doggie, The Other One, dark irie

Originally released on Lisa Germano's own Major Bill records, later re-released on Egg Records in 1993.

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