Cover scan: Various.AndDogBonesToo.cas.jpg

21512 Various - ...and dog bones, too

cas cd 21512 (cas), 21512 (cd) (1992): The Wolfgang Press: Sucker M.F. [R (*Sucker*) CAD1011], Swallow: Lovesleep [CAD2010], Red House Painters: Michael [CAD2014], Throwing Muses: Pearl [CAD2013], Lush: Nothing Natural [LUSH1CD], Spirea X: Chlorine Dream [AD1004], Belly: Dusted [BAD2009], His Name is Alive: The Dirt Eaters [CAD9002CD], Michael Brook: Shona Bridge [CAD2007], The Breeders: Do You Love Me Now? [BAD2003], Pale Saints: Neverending Night [CAD2004], The Birthday Party: Sonny's Burning [BAD301], Modern English: I Melt With You [CAD206], Pixies: U-Mass [CAD1014], This Mortal Coil: Song to the Siren [CAD411]

Promo cassette. The art is the same as the promo cassettes above, except more of it. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Chris Bigg. The last track is not listed anywhere.

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