Cover scan: PaleSaints.InRibbons.CAD2004CD.jpg

2004 Pale Saints - In Ribbons

lp cas cd CAD2004, CADC2004, CAD2004CD (1992): Throwing Back the Apple, Ordeal, Thread of Light, Shell, There is No Day, Hunted, Hair Shoes, Babymaker [R PS2CD], Liquid, Neverending Night, Featherframe, A Thousand Stars Burst Open

The run-out grooves read «scene but not herd». Initial quantaties of CAD2004 includes the free 7" single listed below. Coarranged by Hugh Jones. Produced by Hugh Jones. Recorded at Monnow Valley, Palladium Studios, Edinburg, Blackwing, Roundhouse, Ridge Farm, Swanyard Studios, London and Master Rock. Engineered by Hugh Jones, Phil Ault, Alan Branch, Kevin Hurley, Steve Bray, Paul Tipler, Goetz Botzenhardt and John O'Donnell. Featuring Caroline Lavelle. Sleeve by Christopher Bigg, Vaughan Oliver, Kevin Westenberg, Matt Heslop and Pirate Design. Write to Pale Saints, P.O. Box 1880, London N16 0DZ.

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