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Wheel In The Roses

12ep cd5 BAD5, BAD5CD (1980): Feedback Song, Rema Rema, Instrumental [DAD9011CD], Fond Affections [R CAD411]

Rema-Rema are Mark Cox (The Wolfgang Press), Michael Allen (The Wolfgang Press), Gary Asquith (Renegade Soundwave), Marco (Adam and the Ants) and Max. Coproduced by Wally Brill. Recorded live june 79. The run-out grooves read «Send no flowers (*Picture of a small flower*)» «Huge dragonflies (*Picture of a fly*)». Was rereleased in 1984. The first version has the original blue 1980 4AD label. Max now teaches ballroom dancing and does occations drumming with various groups. She co-founded Dorothy with Alex Fergusson in 1976. BAD 5 CD was re-released in a limited edition in 2003.

Various - Natures Mortes - Still Lives

lp CAD117 (1981) (excerpt): Rema-Rema: Feedback Song [BAD5]

cd CAD117CD (1981): CAD117 (excerpt),

Various - 4AD Dark Paths

lp NONVAR13 (1982) (excerpt): Rema Rema: Feedback Song [BAD5], Rema Rema: Rema Rema [BAD5]

Various - New Wave Club Class.X 6

cd NONVAR14 (1989) (excerpt): Rema-Rema: Rema-Rema [BAD5]

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