Dance Chapter

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7 AD18 (1980): Anonymity, New Dance

Inititial copies came with a small lyrics card. The run-out grooves read «Demolished sanctuary!» «Cutting corners - Bilbo». Dance Chapter are Cyrus Bruton, Stuart Dunbar, Steve Hadfield and Jonnie Lowrence.

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Chapter II

12ep BAD115 (1981): Backwards Across Thresholds, Demolished Sanctuary, Attitudes, She [CAD2205]

Dance Chapter are Cyrus Bruton, Stuart Dunbar, Steve Hadfield and John Turner. Coproduced by Hugh Allen. Engineered by Gary Lucas. Recorded at Spaceward. The run-out grooves read «19 yrs of scars» «Dave drives».

Various - The Angels are Coming

cas NONPS11 (1982) (excerpt): Dance Chapter: Carve and Arc

Various - 4AD Dark Paths

lp NONVAR13 (1982) (excerpt): Dance Chapter: Demolished Sanctuary [BAD115], Dance Chapter: Backward Across Thresholds

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When The Spirit Moves Them

cas NONPS3 (1985): Keep Your Distance, Emotional Flesh, Faces in Veils, Untitled, Nil Foundations Prophet, Watch This Face, Father These Bones, Marraige, Nil Foundations Prophet [NONPS3], Another Story, Carve An Arc, Pilgrims Plight, In Moderation

Released by Pleasantly Surprised as 010. Includes two cards; one postcard and another which reads: First Band - The Faction 9.78 - 3.79, Dance Chapter 5.79 - 1.82. Records - 7" Anonymity/New Dance, 12" EP Chapter II. Both released on 4AD.. Personel on all tracks - Cyrus Bruton - singing; Stuart Dunbar - bass; John Turner - drums; Steve Hadfield - guitar, with the exception of 9,10,11 & 12 which was Cyrus and Stuart. All the tracks were recorded in rehearsal between March 1981 and August 1981 with the exception of 9,10,11 & 12 which were recorded on 24th October 1982. Stuart is now at art college, Steve designs pubs, Cyrus is now an orange person (Sanyasin) known as Antar Tapesh, John is still involved in music.

Various - Mai Pen Rai

cd NONIPR1 (1993) (excerpt): Dance Chapter: Anonymity [AD18]

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