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7011 Pixies - Death To The Pixies

cas cd DADC7011, DAD7011CD (Oct 6 1997): Cecilia Ann [CAD0010], Planet of Sound [CAD1014], Tame [CAD905], Here Comes your Man [CAD905], Debaser [CAD905], Dig for Fire [CAD0010], Wave of Mutilation [CAD905], Caribou [CAD803], The Holiday Song [MAD709], Nimrod's Son [MAD709], U-Mass [CAD1014], Bone Machine [CAD803], Gigantic [R CAD803], Where is my Mind? [CAD803], Velouria [CAD0010], Gouge Away [CAD905], Monkey Gone to Heaven [CAD905]

cd DAD7011CDGT (1997): DAD7011CD

cd DADD7011CD (1997): DAD7011CD, \live, Debaser [CAD905], Rock Music [CAD0010], Broken Face [CAD803], Isla de Encanta [MAD709], Hangwire [CAD0010], Dead [CAD905], Into the White, Monkey Gone to Heaven [CAD905], Gouge Away [CAD905], Here Comes your Man [CAD905], Allison [CAD0010], Hey [CAD905], Gigantic [CAD803], Crackity Jones [CAD905], Something Against You [CAD803], Tame [CAD905], Wave of Mutilation [CAD905], Where is my Mind? [CAD803], Ed is Dead [MAD709], Vamos [MAD709], Tony's Theme [CAD803]

blank cd DADD7011, DAD7011CDGT (1997): DADD7011CD, DAD7011CD, I'm Amazed (demo) [NONPIX5], Broken Face (demo) [NONPIX5]

DADD 7011 is a 4x10" box set limited to 9000 copies. DADD 7011 CD is a limited double cd. The "GT" versions of the cd contains the two extra demo tracks. The second CD was recorded at Vrendenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands on September 25, 1990 for VPRO Radio 3.

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