Cover scan: Cover scan: Pixies.Bossanova.poster.jpg

0010 Pixies - Bossanova

lp cas cd lp CAD0010, CADC0010, CAD0010CD, CADD0010 (1990): Cecilia Ann, Rock Music, Velouria, Allison, Is She Weird, Ana, All Over The World, Dig For Fire, Down To The Well, The Happening, Blown Away, Hang Wire, Stormy Weather, Havalina

Featuring Robert F. Brunner. Produced by Gil Norton. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Simon Larbalestier, Kevin Westenberg, Christopher Bigg, Pirate Design and Anne Garrigues. Engineered by Alistair Clay and Steve Haigler. CAD D 0010 included a booklet. Released in the US by Elektra (9 60963).

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