NONPIX5 Pixies - Demo 86

cas NONPIX5 (1986): Leviate Me (demo) [R MAD709], The Holiday Song (demo) [R MAD709], I've Been Tired (demo) [R MAD709], Break My Body (demo) [R CAD803], Down To The Well (demo) [R CAD0010], Rockaway Soul (demo), I'm Amazed (demo) [R CAD803], Build High (demo) [R AD1008], In Heaven (demo), Caribou (demo) [R CAD803], Here Comes Your Man (demo) [R CAD905], Subbacultcha (demo) [R CAD1014], Vamos (demo) [R MAD709], Broken Face (demo) [R CAD803], Nimrod's Son (demo) [R MAD709], Isla de Encanta (demo) [R MAD709], Ed Is Dead (demo) [R MAD709]

Demo tape from '86 or '87.

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