tmc This Mortal Coil - Original Versions

cd tmc (Mar 30 1993): Roy Harper: Another Day (original version) [R CAD411], The Apartments: Mr. Somewhere (original version) [R DAD1005], Gene Clark: With Tomorrow (original version) [R DAD1005], Big Star: Holocaust (original version) [R CAD411], Big Star: Kangaroo (original version) [R CAD411], Rain Parade: Carolyn's Song (original version) [R DAD1005], Gary Ogan & Bill Lamb: I Want To Live (original version) [R DAD609], Colin Newman: Alone (original version) [R DAD609], Talking Heads: Drugs (original version) [R DAD609], Mary Margaret O'Hara: Help Me Lift You Up (original version) [R DAD1005], Tim Buckley: Song To The Siren (original version) [R CAD411], Tim Buckley: Morning Glory (original version) [R DAD609], Tim Buckley: I Must Have Been Blind (original version) [R DAD609], Pieter Nooten / Michael Brook: Several Times I [CAD710], Pearls Before Swine: The Jeweller (original version) [R DAD609], The Byrds: I Come And Stand At Every Door (original version) [R DAD1005], Chris Bell: I Am The Cosmos (original version) [R DAD1005], Chris Bell: You And Your Sister (original version) [R DAD1005], Emmylou Harris: 'Til I Gain Control Again (original version) [R DAD1005], Spirit: Nature's Way (original version) [R DAD1005], Gene Clark: Strength Of Strings (original version) [R DAD609]

The original versions of the tracks from the TMC albums. The tracks not included on this disc were: «Fond Affections» by Rema Ream, «Not Me» by Colin Newman, «Tarantula» by Colourbox, «Come Here My Love» by Van Morrison, «Firebrothers» by Quicksilver Messenger Service, «Late Night» by Syd Barret and «My Father» by Judy Collins.

NONLIQ1 Liquorice - Original Versions

cd NONLIQ1 (1995): Cheap Cuts (radio edit) (2:56) [R CAD5008], Team Player (Farm) (3:41) [R CAD5008], Blew It (Wave) (3:10) [R CAD5008], Trump Suit (Time) (4:22) [R CAD5008], Cheap Cuts (Cheap) (2:50) [R CAD5008]

Promo released in the US (pro-cd-7683). The last four tracks are four of the unreleased Warren Defever ESP Liquorice mixes.

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