Cover scan:

KH1 Kristin Hersh - Live at Maxwell's, Hoboken

lp cd KH1 (lp), KH1 (cd) (1992): Juno [L CAD802], Marriage Tree [L CAD802], Pearl [L CAD2013], Stand Up / Dovey / Mexican Women [L], Run Letter [L CAD802], Soap & Water [L MAD706], Rabbits Dying [L CAD607], Cry Baby Cry [L BAD701], Counting Backwards / Handsome Woman [L], Take [L CAD901], Soul Soldier [L CAD607], Bea [L CAD901], Delicate Cutters [L CAD607]

Free album given away with initial quantaties of CAD D 2013 and CAD D 2013 CD. Engineered by Andy Peters.

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