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706 Throwing Muses - The Fat Skier

lp cas MAD706, MADC706 (1987): Garoux Des Larmes, Pools In Eyes, A Feeling, Soap And Water, And A She-Wolf After The War, You Cage, Soul Soldier [R CAD607]

Produced by Mark van Hecke. Engineered by Warren Bruleigh, Trow Doolittle and Hideki Sunada. Sleeve by Kurt DeMunbrun, Kar, Richard Donelly and Kate Whitney. Side 2 of MAD706 is 45rpm and features a long version of «Soul Soldier» that has Kristin, Tanya, and a couple friends sitting in a park in Newport, RI looking at clouds and kites. The baby noises are Dylan's, through various effects, and sometimes backwards with the rest of the dialogue. «Soul Soldier» coproduced by Gil Norton.

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