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6014 Throwing Muses - Limbo

lp cas cd CAD6014, CADC6014, CAD6014CD (Aug 19 1996): Buzz, Ruthie's Knocking, Freeloader, The Field, Limbo, Tar Kissers, Tango, Serene, Mr. Bones, Night Driving, Cowbirds, Shark, White Bikini Beach

The last track is not listed on the packaging. Also released by Throwing Music in the US (RCD/RAC 10354). That release features a video track for «Ruthie's Knocking». Featuring Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees) and Robert Rust. Engineered by Trina Shoemaker, Ethan Allen and James Sayberth. Recorded at Kingsway USA, New Orleans and Larabee Studio. Mixed by David Bianco. Sleeve by David Narcizo (Lakuna), MaryAnn Southard, Gilbert Hernandez and Steve Gullick.

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