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2011 Michael Brook - Live at The Aquarium

cd TAD2011CD (Sep 21 1992): Shona Bridge [L CAD2007], After Image / Urbana [L (*Urbana*) CAD2007], Andean [L CAD2007], Ultramarine [L CAD2007], Lakbossa [L CAD2007], Cascade [L], Red Shift [L CAD2007]

This live album was recorded at the press launch for the «Cobalt Blue» album at The Aquarium, London Zoo on 21st May 1992. It was taped by Michael, as he always does with his rare solo performances, with no intention of releasing it. But once all parties heard the recording, it was agreed that it deserved a far wider audience than the original gathering of media and friends. To this end, it has been made avalable in a limited edition. Mastered by Tony Cousins. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Simon Larbalestier, Bob Draper and Pirate Design.

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