NONWOM1 Various - Womad Talking Book - Volume Three: An Introduction To Europe

lp NONWOM1 (1985) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Pink Orange Red [R BAD510]

Released as WOMAD005 (two versions, one with a book which features a two-page interview of Cocteau Twins.)

HNIA 4 His Name Is Alive - Woodstock

7 HNIA4 (1998): Woodstock, Swan Song, Last Train

Included in a limited vinyl pressing of Fort Lake.

NONLU3 Lush - Words & Music

cas NONLU3 (1990): De-luxe [GAD2K22CD], Baby Talk [JAD911], Bitter [JAD911], Etheriel [JAD911], Thoughtforms [JAD911], Downer [BAD0003], Hey Hey Helen [CAD0017], Scarlet [JAD911], Sweetness and Light [GAD2K22CD], Sunbathing [BAD0013]

US promo release by Reprise (PROC-4608). An interview with Miki and Emma with ten complete tracks from «Gala» interspersed.

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