NONHMV1 Various - HMV Video Sampler

video NONHMV1 (1993): Frank Black: Los Angeles [CAD3004], Pale Saints: Blue Flower [BAD2008], Lush: Nothing Natural [LUSH1CD], His Name Is Alive: Are We Still Married? [CAD1013], Pixies: Head On [CAD1014], Michael Brook: Breakdown [CAD2007], This Mortal Coil: Late Night [DAD1005], The Breeders: Safari [BAD2003], Frank Black: Hang On To Your Ego [CAD3004], The Wolfgang Press: A Girl Like You [GAD2104CD], Lush: For Love [CAD2002], Pixies: Here Comes Your Man [CAD905]

Free video sampler given away in large quantities by HMV in Toronto.

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