NONHNIA13 His Name Is Alive - Early Music Vol. 1

cd NONHNIA13 (2004): Princess (01:52), Either (01:35), Disappear (01:52), Never (01:32), Nearby (02:31), Pass (01:30), Still (02:58), Waves (01:58) [GU2LP], Other Body (03:31) [CAD1013], Ascension (01:51) [CAD512], Reincarnation (01:31) [CAD0008], Porter (02:35), Liadin (02:17), Lhasa (02:38), Salendro (03:13), Seizure (02:35), If We (02:39), July (03:26), Dare (03:51), Fossil (02:40) [CAD0008], Caroline (02:52), Nicolle (03:38), Some (04:37), Ghosts (03:49), Nicolle (01:16) [NONHNIA13], Cecil (02:55), Livonia (05:03) [NONHNIA2]

NONHNIA1 His Name Is Alive - Early Works: Riotousness and Postrophe / I Had Sex With God / Livonia - Home Mix

cas NONHNIA1 (1990): Princessly, Either Or, Thoughts, Darkest Dreams [R CAD0008], I Disappear, Never Wanted to Have Said, A Time There Nearby, Glancing Passes, Again Not Still, Little Waves, If July [R CAD0008], As We Could Ever [R CAD0008], Some and I [R CAD0008], Daringest, The Other Body [CAD1013], Ascension, Reincarnation [R CAD0008], Hey Porter, Free Jazz With Purchase, Fossil [R CAD0008], You and I Have Seizures [R CAD0008], E-Nicolle [R CAD0008], Caroline's Supposed Demon [R CAD0008], Fossil [R CAD0008], Some and I [R CAD0008], How Ghosts Affect Relationships [R CAD0008], E-Nicolle [R CAD0008], Cecil's Been Demeanor

Cassette released by Warren Defever in 1992.

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