NONCT13 Cocteau Twins - Athol-Brose

cd5 NONCT13 (1990): Athol-Brose [CAD807], Carolyn's Fingers [CAD807], Iceblink Luck [CAD0012]

Released in Japan with a sleeve quite similar to «Iceblink Luck». «Athol-Brose» was used in a Japanese car commercial, so that may be why it was released on a single...

? Pixies - At the BBC

cd ? (1997): Wild Honey Pie (BBC), There Goes My Gun (BBC) [R CAD905], Dead (BBC) [R CAD905], Subbacultcha (BBC) [R CAD1014], Manta Ray (BBC) [R GAD2103CD], Is She Weird (BBC) [R CAD0010], Ana (BBC) [R CAD0010], Down To The Well (BBC) [R CAD0010], Wave of Mutilation (BBC) [R CAD905], ter to Memphis (BBC), Levitate Me (BBC), Caribou (BBC) [R MAD709], Monkey Gone to Heaven (BBC) [R CAD905], Hey (BBC) [R CAD905], (In Heaven) Lady in the Radiator Song (BBC)

Also released by WEA / Elektra (62185-2).

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