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NONDEW1 Various - Thurtene

cd NONDEW1 (1993): The Moon Seven Times: Michelle [Re CAD613], Hover: When I Was A Painter [Re CAD0006], immer essen: Not In Love (Hit By A Truck) [Re BAD806], Livia: Mizake the Mizan [Re AD0011], Red Zoo: 5/10 [Re CAD201], Independent Machanical Industry: Swing Like A Baby [Re CAD810], GLE: Hate My Way [Re CAD607], Clarity: Saltarello [Re CAD0007], Orange: Gigantic [Re CAD803], The Gosh Guys: Where Is My Mind? [Re CAD803], Floral Majority: Blue Flower [Re BAD2008], Firecracker: There's Something Between Us And He's Changing My Words [Re CAD1013], Tel Basta: I Melt With You [Re CAD206]

A collection of 4AD covers released by Dewdrops Records, featuring mostly people with some connection to the 4ad-l mailing list (DEW001). 1000 copies made with a green and white cover. Sleeve by Brant Nelson and Tony Evans. «Michelle» featuring Lynn Canfield, Henry Frayne and Brendan Gamble. «When I Was A Painter» featuring Bob Higgins, Nick Nichols, Brad Searles and Jan Tofferi. «Not In Love (Hit By A Truck)» featuring Molly Black and Steven Schuldt. «Mizake the Mizan» featuring Keith Richmond and Heather Flower. «5/10» featuring Red West, Regan Merante and Crazy Ivan. «Swing Like A Baby» featuring Robert Warnock and Steve Hill. «Hate My Way» featuring Misha, Protein 93 and Mike Sikinger. «Saltarello» featuring Travis Kidd and Victor Virreira. «Gigantic» featuring Sonya Waters, Michael Papenbury, Topper and Mike Burns. «Where Is My Mind?» featuring Slender Fungus, Dead Dog, Humongous Fungus Amongus and Dittany Dingus. «Blue Flower» featuring Heather Flora, Kevin Majors, Cathy Weeks and Jen Maser. «There's Something Between Us And He's Changing My Words» featuring Michael Plaster, Jason Farrell and Tim Dever. «I Melt With You» featuring Pine, Brett Klinker, Daniel James and Jason Kleinberg.

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