Cover scan: Pixies.Debaser.BADD7010CD.jpg Cover scan: Pixies.Debaser.BAD7010CD.jpg Cover scan: Pixies.Debaser.postcard.jpg

7010 Pixies - Debaser

7 AD7010 (Sep 22 1997): Debaser (demo) [R CAD905], Number Thirteen Baby (demo)

cd5 BAD7010CD (1997): Debaser (remix) [R CAD905], Bone Machine (VPRO) [R CAD803], Gigantic (VPRO) [R CAD803], Isla de Encanta (VPRO) [R MAD709]

cd5 BADD7010CD (1997): Debaser [L CAD905], Cactus [L CAD803], Nimrod's Son [L MAD709], Holiday Song [L MAD709]

The three B-sides on BAD CD are from a Dutch VPRO studio session in 1990. BAD D 7011 CD recorded 19891008 at Cabaret Metro for Chicago's WXRT. Comixed by Rob Genadek. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Timothy O'Donnell, Nicola Schwartz and Chris Bigg.

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