Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Shark.postcard.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Shark.ADD6016.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Shark.AD6016.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Shark.cdsingle.jpg Cover scan: ThrowingMuses.Shark.german-flyer.jpg

6016 Throwing Muses - Shark

cd5 BAD6016CD (July 29 1996): Shark [CAD6014], Tar Moochers [Re (*Tar Kissers*)], Serene Swing [Re (*Serene*)], Limbobo [Re (*Limbo*)]

7 AD6016 (1996): Shark [CAD6014], Tar Moochers [ReRe (*Tar Kissers*)]

blank ADD6016 (1996): Shark [CAD6014], Limbobo [ReRe (*Limbo*)]

blank 6016 (postcard) (1996)

The two 7"'s are limited editions. Engineered by Steve Rizzo. Recorded at Stable Sound. Sleeve by Gilbert Hernandez and Steve Gullick. «Shark» engineered by Trina Shoemaker and Ethan Allen. «Shark» mixed by Mike "Spike" Drake and Steve Cook.

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