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5003 Belly - Now They'll Sleep

7 cassingle AD5003, ADC5003 (1995): Now They'll Sleep [CAD5004], Thief

12ep cd5 BAD5003, BAD5003CD (Jan 23 1995): Now They'll Sleep [CAD5004], Thief [AD5003], Baby's Arm, John Dark

Exit Fred Abong (Throwing Muses). Enter Gail Greenwood. Produced by Glyn Johns. Engineered by Jack Joseph Puig, Oswald «Wiz» Bowe and Rail Jon Rogut. Recorded at Compass Point, Nassau, Bahamas and Oceanway Studios, Hollywood. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, Chris Gorman and Stephen DiRado. «Baby's Arm» produced by Paul Q. Kolderie. «Baby's Arm» recorded at Fort Apache, Cambridge, MA.

Cover scan: Belly.SuperConnected.cdsingle.jpg

5003 Belly - Super-Connected

cd BAD5003CDK (1995): Super-Connected [CAD5004], Spaceman [BAD5007CD], Diamond Rib Cage [BAD5007CD], Think About Your Troubles [BAD5007CD]

Released in mainland Europe only. Initial copies were mis-numbered «BAD 5003 CD», which is the number «Now They'll Sleep» uses. Produced by Belly. Recorded at Fort Apache, Cambridge, MA. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and Chris Gorman. «Think About Your Troubles» written by Harry Nilsson.

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