Cover scan: UltraVividScene.BloodAndThunder.BAD3003CD.jpg

3003 Ultra Vivid Scene - Blood and Thunder

12ep cd5 BAD3003, BAD3003CD (1993): Blood and Thunder (radio edit) [R CAD2017], Don't Look Now (Now!), Candida (theme from Red Pressure Mounting) [R CAD2017], Winter Song

The cd is in a digipak. Exit Richard Close, Byron Guthrie and Kristin Kramer. Featuring Julius Klepacz, Jack Daley, Tony Garnier, Graham Maybe, Doris Chrysler, Melora Creager, Julia Kent and Serena U. Jost. The last three people are «Rasputina». Recorded at Zabriskie Point. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Jim Friedman. This is the last release by Ultra Vivid Scene on 4AD. «Blood and Thunder» coremixed by John Hanlon. «Don't Look Now (Now!)» written by Mark Dumais. «Winter Song» written by John Cale.

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