NONTGC1 The Glee Club - Need

12ep NONTGC1 (1994): Need [45496 (lp)], The Blame [45496 (lp)], Remember the Years [45496 (lp)], Fey Blue, Bad Child's Dolly [45496 (lp)], Drives You Away [45496 (lp)], Free to Believe [45496 (lp)]

Mini-album releaed by Setanta Records. It's probably not called źNeed╗.

NONVAR14 Various - New Wave Club Class.X 6

cd NONVAR14 (1989) (excerpt): Rema-Rema: Rema-Rema [BAD5]

Released in Belgium by Antler/Subway (AS 5100).

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