Xiu Xiu

2002Chapel of the Chimes
2002Knife Play
2003A Promise
2003Fag Patrol
2004Fabulous Muscles
2005La ForĂȘt
2005Life and Live
2006The Air Force
2006Tu Mi Piaci
2007Remixed & Covered (1)
2007Remixed & Covered (2)
2008Women As Lovers
2010Dear God, I Hate Myself
2010Razor Scooter
2011Fuck the Police
2012I Luv Abortion
2012I Luv Abortion (tape)
2013Joey's Song Kid 606 Remixes
2013Plays the Music of Nina Simone
2013Stupid in the Dark Kid 606 Remixes
2014Angel Guts: The Red Classroom
2014Unclouded Sky
2016Plays the Music of Twin Peaks
2016Rare (7 inches, CD Singles, Bonus & Comp tracks 2003-2011)
2017Knife Play (Drunk Commentary)
2018Sharp Dressed Man
2019Girl with Basket of Fruit
2020Sex Boy
2021Dancing On My Own
2021Hamburger Lady
2021He Hit Me It Felt Like a Kiss
2021In Dreams XMFX 14
2021In Every Dream Home a Heartache XMFX 12
2021In the Garage XMFX 13
2021Mama, You've Been On My Mind
2021Nature is Queer
2021New Dawn Fades XMFX 15
2021Oh No
2021Reject All American
2021Stripped XMFX 9
2021Triple Sun XMFX 17
2021XMFX 10 Names
2021XMFX 11 Kansas
2022A Forest
2022Black Ships Ate The Sky
2022Grumpus Krampus
2022Hall Of Mirrors
2022Lucretia My Reflection
2022Modern Romance
2022Some Things Last A Long Time-Ricky's Hand
2022The Passenger
2022These Boots Are Made For Walking
2022Torn Asunder
2022Warm Leatherette
2023Blister In The Sun
2023Decline and Fall
2023Funeral Rose Garden of Sores
2023Haenim, People Ain't No Good
2023How Shall Our Judgement Be Carried Out Upon The Wicked
2023I'm Deranged
2023Ignore Grief
2023Ignore Grief (Remixes)
2023Losing You
2023Never Say Never
2023No Words
2023What Makes a Man a Man
Double Dare
Enola Gay-The New Stone Age
Kool Thing
Our Lips Are Sealed
Super Subway Comedian