FAD 23 v23 - v23 (posters) volume two

blank FAD23 (1993)

12 A2 (594mm x 420 mm) poster pack released in a cardboard tube. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Paul McMenamin, Simon Larbalestier, Jim Friedman, Dominic Davies, Kevin Westenberg, Nigel Grierson, Chris Gorman (Belly) and Shinro Ohtake. Posters from «Home Is In Your Head», «Love», «Heidi Berry», «Frank Black», «Star», «Cobalt Blue», «Safari», «Trompe Le Monde», «Blood», «Blow», «Down Colorful Hill», «For Love». Initial quantities of this set (first presented at the 13 Year Itch) included a 13 Year Itch poster.

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