4008 Lush - Hypocrite

7 AD4008 (May 30 1994): Hypocrite (2:58) [CAD4011], Cat's Chorus (3:23)

12ep cd5 BADD4008, BAD4008CD (May 30 1994): AD4008, Love at First Sight (2:58) [GAD2K22CD], Undertow (Spooky Remix) (9:13) [R CAD4011]

Tracks 1, 2 and 4 by Berenyi. Coproduced by Mike Hedges. Mixed by Alan Moulder. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Richard Caldicott and Melodie McDaniel. The run-out grooves read AD «a funny thing happened to the way to the perineum» «when the boot goes in». The run-out grooves read BAD «I've seen a table wine» «a Norweigan pine». «Love at First Sight» written by S. Moxham (Young Marble Giants). «Undertow» remixed by Spooky.

LUSH 2 Lush - Hypocrite

12 LUSH2 (1994): Hypocrite [CAD4011], Undertow (Spooky Remix) [BADD4008]

Promo release.

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