NONGUS11 Gus Gus - Featuring tracks from the album Polyesterday

cd5 NONGUS11 (1997): Believe (edit) [NONGUS3 (cdsingle)], Cold Breath '97 (Crazed Mix), Polyesterday [DAD7005CD], Gun (Acid Mix) [R DAD7005CD]

Promo release.

3001 Belly - Feed The Tree

7 AD3001 (1993): Feed The Tree [CAD3002], Dream On Me

12ep cd5 BAD3001, BAD3001CD (1993): AD3001, Trust In Me, Star [R CAD3002]

Initial quantities of AD3001 has two limited edition postcards. Written by Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses). Coproduced by Lou Giordano. Recorded at Fort Apache, Cambridge, MA. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and Chris Gorman. «Feed The Tree» produced by Gil Norton. «Feed The Tree» engineered by Tracy Chisholm and Dave Buchanan. «Feed The Tree» recorded at Amazon Studios, Liverpool. «Feed The Tree» featuring Fred Abong (Throwing Muses). «Dream On Me» featuring Leslie Langston (Throwing Muses). «Trust In Me» written by Sherman & Sherman. «Trust In Me» featuring Dylan Roy. «Star» featuring Leslie Langston (Throwing Muses).

NONBEL6 Belly - Feed the Tree

cd5 NONBEL6 (1993): Feed the Tree [R CAD3002], Star (Full Band Version) [R CAD3002]

Released by Sire/Reprise in the US (18570-2).

302 Xmal Deutschland - Fetisch

lp CAD302 (1983): Qual, Geheimnis, Young Man, In Der Nacht, Orient, Hand In Hand, Kaempfen, Danthem, Boomerang, Stummes Kind

cd CAD302CD (1983): CAD302, BAD305

Xmal Deutschland are Anja Huwe, Fiona Sangster, Wolfgang Ellerbrock, Manuela Rickers and Manuela Zwingman. Sleeve by 23 Envelope. CAD302 co-produced by Ivo and engineered by John Fryer.

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