NONVAR23 Various - Buddha on the Moon

7 NONVAR23 (1995) (excerpt): Pale Saints: A Deep Sleep For Steven [CAD0002]

2411 50 Foot Wave - Bug

cd blank MAD2411CD, EADM2411 (2004): Bug (04:20), Clara Bow (03:09), Long Painting (02:57), Glory Weed (02:33), Lavender (02:50), Dog Days (03:52)

308 The Wolfgang Press - The Burden Of Mules

lp CAD308 (1983): Lisa (The Passion), Prostitute I, The Burden Of Mules, Compleate And Utter, Prostitute II, Slow As A Child, Journalists, Give It Back, On The Hill

The Wolfgang Press are Michael Allen and Mark Cox. Featuring Richard Thomas (Dif Juz), David Steiner (In Camera) and Andrew Gray. Coproduced by John Madden. Sleeve by Andrew Gray.

113 Matt Johnson - Burning Blue Soul

lp CAD113 (1981): Red Cinders In The Sand, Song Without An Ending, Time (Again) For The Golden Sunset, Iceing Up, (Like A) Sun Rising Through My Garden, Out Of Control, Bugle Boy, Delirious, The River Flows East In Spring, Another Boy Drowning

See AD10. Rereleased in 1984 with text on the back of the sleeve. Released on CD in 1993 under the «The The» name. Featuring Bruce Gilbert (Wire) and Graham Lewis (Wire). Coproduced by Ivo except 1 coproduced by Pete Maben and 3 and 9 produced by BC Gilbert and G Lewis. Sleeve by Tony Barrett and Fiona Skinner.

113 The The - Burning Blue Soul

cd blank HAD113CD, HADC113 (Jun 7 1993): CAD113

Originally released under the name «Matt Johnson» but was changed to «The The» at Johnson's request.

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