604 Colourbox - Baby I Love You So

7 AD604 (1986): Baby I Love You So [R GAD2107CD], Looks Like We're Shy One Horse

12ep BAD604 (1986): AD604, Shoot Out

Engineered by Keith Mitchell and Mark Zaegar. Sleeve by 23 Envelope. «Baby I Love You So» written by H. Schwaby and J. Miller.

NONCOL10 Colourbox - Baby I Love You So

12 NONCOL10 (1986): Baby I Love You So [AD604], The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme [AD605]

Promo released in Germany by Virgin (608 287-000). The sleeve combines designs of BAD694 & BAD605.

NONBEL1 Belly - Baby Silver Tooth

cd NONBEL1 (1993): Gepetto [BADC2018], It's Not Unusual [BADC2018], Trust In Me [BAD3001], Dream On Me [AD3001], Hot Burrito #1 [BAD2018], Sexy S [AD2018], Dancing Gold [BAD2009], Sweet Ride [BAD2018], Feed The Tree [CAD3002]

Japanese release.

301 The Birthday Party - The Bad Seed

12ep BAD301 (1983): Sonnys Burning, Wild World, Fears Of The Gun, Deep In The Woods

Sleeve by Nick Cave and Bleddyn Butcher.

910 Pale Saints - Barging into The Presence Of God

12ep cd5 BAD910, BAD910CD (1989): Sight Of You [R CAD0002], She Rides The Waves, Mother Might

Pale Saints are Chris Cooper, Ian Masters and Graeme Naysmith. «Sight Of You» and «She Rides The Waves» are produced by Richard Formby and Mike Stout. Additional production and remix of these and production of «Mother Might» by Gil Norton. Engineering on the Gil Norton work by John Fryer. Sleeve by v23 and G. D. Bailey. The run-out grooves read «For Henry the lionheart!» «Mother ripping asunder».

GUS 14 Gus Gus - Barry

12 GUS14 (1998): Barry (Galaxy) [R DAD7005CD], Barry (M&L) [R DAD7005CD]

Promo release. «Barry» remixed by Garry Martin. «Barry» remixed by Herb Legowitz.

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