Cover scan: 23Envelope.Postcards.PAD23-9.jpg Cover scan: 23Envelope.Postcards.PAD23-8.jpg Cover scan: 23Envelope.Postcards.PAD23-7.jpg Cover scan: 23Envelope.Postcards.PAD23-6.jpg Cover scan: 23Envelope.Postcards.PAD23-5.jpg Cover scan: 23Envelope.Postcards.PAD23-4.jpg Cover scan: 23Envelope.Postcards.PAD23-3.jpg Cover scan: 23Envelope.Postcards.PAD23-2.jpg Cover scan: 23Envelope.Postcards.PAD23-12.jpg Cover scan: 23Envelope.Postcards.PAD23-11.jpg Cover scan: 23Envelope.Postcards.PAD23-10.jpg Cover scan: 23Envelope.Postcards.PAD23-1.jpg

PAD23 23 Envelope - Set of 12 promotional postcards

blank PAD23 (1986)

The postcards has images from L'Esclave Endormi, Baby I Love You So, Colourbox (CAD508), Peppermint Pig, Sunburst And Snowblind, Head Over Heels (CAD313CD), Treasure, The Pink Opaque, Victorialand, Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares Volume 1, Ricochet Days/Chapter 12 and It'll End In Tears.

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