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Set of 12 promotional postcards

blank PAD23 (1986)

The postcards has images from L'Esclave Endormi, Baby I Love You So, Colourbox (CAD508), Peppermint Pig, Sunburst And Snowblind, Head Over Heels (CAD313CD), Treasure, The Pink Opaque, Victorialand, Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares Volume 1, Ricochet Days/Chapter 12 and It'll End In Tears.

Set of 15 posters

blank WAD23 (1986)

The posters has images from Cocteau Twins («Head Over Heels», «Aikea-Guinea», «Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops», «Treasure», «Tiny Dynamine», «Victorialand»), Modern English («Ricochet Days», «Someone's Calling»), «Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares vol. 1», This Mortal Coil («16 Days», «It'll End In Tears»), Colourbox («Colourbox»), Richenel («L'Esclave Endormi»), Clan of Xymox («A Day/Stranger») and Xmal Deutschland («Incubus Succubus II»). The size of these posters are about 12x18 inches.

Cover scan: 23Envelope.Plate.stuff.jpg


blank NON231 (1986)

Sleeve by Robert Schackleton and Vaughan Oliver.

Cover scan: 23Envelope.UVS.postcard.jpg Cover scan: 23Envelope.Pixies.postcard.jpg


blank POS23 (Misc)

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