Cover scan: Unrest.PerfectTeeth.box_.jpg Cover scan: Cover scan: Unrest.PerfectHairdo.comb.jpg

NONUN1 Unrest - Perfect Teeth

blank NONUN1 (1993): Isabel [GU1LP], Love To Know [BAD3007], WHC [R (*Wharton Hockey Club*) BAD3007], West Coast Love Affair [CAD3012], Soon It Is Going To Rain [CAD3012], Cath Carroll [CAD3012], So So Sick [R (*So Sick*) CAD3012], Capazio Bowler [R (*Capezio B.*)], Angel I'll Walk You Home [CAD3012], Breather x.x.x. [R (*Breather x.o.x.o.*) CAD3012], Stylized Ampersand [CAD3012], Make Out Club [CAD3012], Food & Drink Synthesizer [CAD3012], Plastic Film, Light Command [CAD3012], Six Layer Lake [CAD3012]

6 7" box set released by Teen Beat in the US as TBX119. Each single has a separate catalogue number (TBX119[ACEFGIK]). All the singles are on coloured vinyl.

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