Cover scan: ThisMortalCoil.FiligreeAndShadow.canadian_promo.jpg

NONTMC7 This Mortal Coil - Filigree & Shadow

lp NONTMC7 (1986): DAD609CD

Promo released by Vertigo. The first lp has what a b/w picture of Vaughan Oliver with a poster of "It'll End In Tears" behind him. The second record jacket contains artwork. The cover, front & back, is the cover of the "Come Here My Love"/ "Drugs" single. The artwork is the same size as the 10" single surrounded with a white border. Inside are 9 12" by 12" pages of the Filigree & Shadow inner sleeves and a equal size of cardboard for backing. There are two sets of the sleeves. One set is the credits. The other set contain the lyrics for each song corresponding to the side. The remaining sleeve is a silver colored page with white border with This Mortal Coil: Filigree & Shadow in the bottom left-hand corner.

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