Cover scan: TheHappyFamily.ThisBusinessOfLiving.cas.jpg

NONTHF1 The Happy Family - This Business of Living

cas NONTHF1 (1985): The Salesman (demo) [R CAD214], Letter from Hall (demo) [R CAD214], Revenge (demo) [R CAD214], The Luckiest Citizen (demo) [R CAD214], The Man On Your Street (demo) [R CAD214], March in Turin (demo) [R CAD214], Two fo a Kind (demo), Innermost Thoughts (studio) [R AD204], The Distance (studio), My Double (studio)

Cassette released by Les Temps Modernes (LTM V:VI) including a booklet telling us about the band. Later rerelased with just a typed info sheet. Tracks 1-7 are demo versions recorded at Pier House Studio in '83, while 8-10 are early studio versions recorded at the Palladium in Edinburgh in late 82.

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